OPEC College

Upgrading qualifications to maintain compliance for Teachers, Trainers and Assessors


Qualification Packages move into ‘teach out’ and require updating on a regular basis. 

Teachers, Trainers and Assessors are required to maintain their qualification to teach, and an upgrade to the new version of your qualification enables you to remain compliant.

OPEC College has an RPL process for upgrading of existing qualifications that is fast, simple and effective.  Our RPL model of training can be used to achieve the latest version of your qualification with a minimum of fuss.  Our team will assist by mapping the units of competence for you; which means no RPL Kits or exhaustive mapping requirements. We simply require the relevant documentation, and once received and assessed, your new qualifications can be issued within a few short weeks.

An added bonus? Upgrading via RPL will save you 30 per cent on our already reasonable course prices.

How it works?

To achieve a qualification upgrade, OPEC College requires the following documents:

  • Resume
  • Qualification and Academic transcript for the outdated qualification you are looking to upgrade
  • Academic profile

The OPEC College team will then assess your evidence and contact you if additional evidence is required. It is possible you will have a conversation with our RPL Assessors.

How do I get started?

Please email us at: [email protected] and let us know you are looking for a qualification upgrade.

We will contact you and take it from there.