OPEC College

Student expectations policy

Student Conduct

OPEC College prides itself on it’s friendly, courteous, and professional staff, and expects students to behave in a similar manner.  All forms of dishonesty, including cheating, plagiarism, supplying false information to the College or the forgery or use of College documents can result in a student’s enrolment being automatically cancelled. 

As learners engaged in adult education it is expected that all learners act with maturity, professionalism, and civility, when communicating with OPEC College staff and/or fellow students. 


OPEC College recognises that students may require flexibility with their training, and as such does not set concrete due dates for assessments.  However, our experience tells us that the best educational outcomes are achieved when a student is completing a Unit of Competence every four to six weeks.  As such, unless there are exceptional circumstances, OPEC College will work closely with our students to achieve this level of progress.  

OPEC College Trainers and Assessors and Student Liaison Officers will work with students to assist them stay on track, by: 

  • Contacting all students weekly, offering support
  • Meet with students monthly (unless an alternative arrangement has been approved by the Training and Compliance Manager)
  • Providing students with unlimited email support, to answer queries and provide guidance

If a student does not make considerable progress after two or more months or does not submit an assessment within an eight-week period, they will be contacted to discuss whether any additional support is required and any other reasons for their lack of progression.  

Students have the right to request information about or have access to their own individual records.  OPEC College trainers and assessors or administration staff will provide the requested information or access.  Students also have the right to request a hardcopy of their own individual file that can be supplied as a printout from records retained within the data management system. 


As learners engaged in adult education, it is the student’s responsibility to maintain momentum and remain engaged in their learning. OPEC College will support our students through weekly contact to check on progress during our standard operating hours of 8:00am – 5:00pm.

Students will have the opportunity to engage on a regular basis, through online TEAMS meetings with their trainer. If a student is unable to attend their scheduled meeting, it is requested that they provide a minimum of 24 hours’ notice. Should a student miss a meeting, every attempt will be made to try to re-schedule a “catch up” meeting, however this may not always be possible. If a re-scheduled meeting is not possible, the student and their trainer will maintain their regular schedule and meet at the next programmed session.

Students will also be able to maintain contact with their trainer, through regular email contact.


A student is defined as dis-engaged when they do not attend two or more meetings consequently, demonstrated progress with their course over a one-month period, or replied to multiple communication attempts.

Should a student become disengaged, OPEC College will make every effort to re-engage the student using multiple communication means over a one-month timeframe.

Any student who has not re-engaged with the College despite numerous attempts by the college or has not re-engaged within 2 weeks of receiving a formal letter from the Training and Compliance Manager will, have their enrolment automatically administratively withdrawn.

OPEC College guarantees that numerous reasonable attempts will be made to re-engage the student through multiple means of communication over a one-month timeframe, prior to the administrative withdrawal process.

If an enrolment is cancelled, the student will be issued with a Statement of Attainment for any Units of Competence they have completed and paid for. They will also receive a summary email setting out:

  • UOCs completed so far
  • UOCs still to complete
  • Invoices paid to date and amount owing to complete the qualification


OPEC College recognises that students may have the need to defer their enrolment. Approval of a deferral request is at the discretion of OPEC College’s Training Manager. Students must make their request to defer in writing.

A student can apply for a deferral at any time and may defer a maximum of two times within the one course enrolment. The enrolment may be deferred for a maximum period of 9 months.

For those students who have commenced their courses, who do not return from a deferral period will be subject to the OPEC College Student Engagement and Contact Policy.

Please note, deferrals for students who are on an apprenticeship and traineeship are managed separately and must be requested through the student’s employer.