OPEC College

Recognition oF Qualifications from Another RTO

OPEC College will recognise all AQF qualifications and statements of attainment issued by any other RTO. OPEC College will seek verification from the relevant RTO before recognising the qualification or statement of attainment.

Procedure for Recognition of Qualifications

Students enrolling with OPEC College will be made aware of the recognition of qualifications policy by OPEC College staff at the time of enrolment to offer the opportunity of recognition of relevant qualifications or statements of attainment prior to the commencement of training. OPEC College trainers will remind students of the policy progressively throughout the duration of their course.

When a student presents an AQF qualification or statement of attainment to a trainer or staff member, a copy of the certificates will be taken and submitted to OPEC College for verification. OPEC College will verify the authenticity of the qualification or statement of attainment.

Verification is achieved by contacting the RTO that delivered the qualification or by accessing the USI transcript for the student via the USI transcript service at https://www.usi.gov.au/ .  Students will be asked to activate permission prior to access.

The verified copy of the qualification or statement of attainment is placed in the student’s file. Once verification of the qualification or statement of attainment has been established, OPEC College staff will inform the student and offer exemption from the relevant unit(s) of competency. Staff will ensure the student is aware of and understands what component(s) of their training and assessment are affected.

OPEC College staff will update the student’s records accordingly.