OPEC College


Shoreline Responder’s Course

The OPEC Shoreline Response course aims to provide students with the skills and knowledge needed to work and lead a team safely during a shoreline oil spill response operation. On completion of this competency, students will be able to:

Protect the Health and safety of staff, contractors and the public during an oil spill remediation activity.

  • Minimise the risk of environmental damage.
  • Conduct an Oil Spill Response Shoreline Operation in compliance with State and AMSA regulations and the National Plan.
  • Document and communicate all information to the appropriate teams and agencies.

On completion of this course the student will be issued a Statement of Attainment for:

  1. PUAOIL303 Apply health, safety and risk controls when working on oiled shorelines
  2. PUAOIL405 Apply oiled shoreline assessment strategies in an oil spill response
  3. PUAOIL406 Lead a team in oiled shoreline cleanup.