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This course is Nationally Recognised Training.


Certificate IV in Government

Individuals working in operational roles in the public sector, demonstrating autonomy, judgement and limited responsibility within established parameters are perfect candidates for this qualification. This qualification allows you to work in an environment requiring multi-skilled personnel or in small or regionally based organisations.

Earn your Certificate IV in Government with OPEC College!

The Certificate IV in Government is a comprehensive program is designed to assess on the foundational skills necessary to succeed in the public sector. The Certificate IV in Government look at a wide range of topics including government structure, policies and procedures, communication, project management, and customer service. You will also gain problem-solving, critical thinking, and decision-making skills, which are essential for success in government.

Upon completion of the RPL process, you will gain the recognition you deserve for entry-level roles within the public sector, from administrative and support roles to customer service and project management.

How to Achieve the Qualification

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)
Personalised to your needs, available on all OPEC College qualifications

RPL can provide you with nationally recognised qualifications through converting your existing skills, knowledge and experience, gained through prior work or study, into formal competencies. Gain qualifications simply through providing evidence of relevant knowledge and skills you have gained through previous work.

Free skills assessment

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Evidence portfolio and review

We work with you to provide evidence and we conduct gap training if needed

You're now qualified!

Your new certifications are Nationally recognised and issued by our Registered Training Organisation (RTO). You are now ready to pursue your new career opportunities!

Our RPL Process

Course Details and Structure

RPL is achieved at your own pace with our support for your evidence gathering process. This is typically completed within 2 to 4 weeks.

*We have open enrollment which means you can start whenever you are ready.

Units that will be assessed

Total number of units = 15 (4 core units plus 11 elective units)

Core units

  • PSPETH006 Uphold the values and principles of public service
  • PSPGEN090 Engage with stakeholders
  • PSPGEN111 Apply government processes
  • PSPGEN114 Work effectively with diversity and inclusion

Elective Units

  • BSBWHS211 Contribute to the health and safety of self and others
  • BSBWHS311 Assist with maintaining workplace safety
  • BSBWHS411 Implement and monitor WHS policies, procedures and programs
  • BSBHRM412 Support employee and industrial relations
  • BSBLDR413 Lead effective workplace relationships
  • BSBPEF501 Manage personal and professional development
  • BSBSUS411 Implement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices
  • PSPGEN094 Provide input to change processes
  • PSPGEN098 Deal with conflict
  • PSPGEN105 Gather and analyse information
  • PSPGEN130 Use resources to achieve work unit goals

NOTE: The elective unit options listed represent the OPEC College approved elective unit options offered. This is a reduced list from the qualification packaging rules specified electives list. If you would like an elective unit that is not included in this list, please speak to your Trainer/Assessor.

Work Outcomes & Career Pathways

Course Fees

Fees are broken down to an enrolment fee of $500 and the balance either on completion or spaced evenly across the program to suit your financial needs.

Payment Options

A range of flexible payment plans are available and can be set up at the enrolment stage.

Current government funding models possibly available to OPEC College students are found on the Funding page, click here for more information.

Entry Requirements

Formal Entry Requirements

There are no formal entry requirements for this qualification, however please read through the following information to assess if you have the English language and literacy skills necessary to successfully complete this course.


Due to the ASCF core skills of learning, reading, writing, oral communication and numeracy involved in this course, it is suggested that you have successfully completed year 12 or have completed a Certificate III.

Enrolment Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) Testing

If you cannot meet any of the above suggested entry requirements, which are a guide only and not mandatory, and you would still like to enrol into this course, it is a procedure during our enrolment process to email everyone a link to participate in a short online LLN test that will check your current learning, reading, writing, oral communication and numeracy skills and from these results, allow us to offer you the necessary support needed, if any, to help you successfully complete this course.

Technical Requirements

Please see the technical requirements below, as you will need access to a modern personal computer and the internet to study this course. In addition, you will need to be able to use this computer, including basic word processing, use of Microsoft Office software and electronic communication platforms and internet search engines.

Windows PC / Laptop / Tablet: Windows 7 (or higher) • Latest version of Chrome • Microsoft Office (2010 or higher) • Latest Flash Player • Latest Adobe PDF Reader

Apple Mac: Mac OS X 10.6 (or higher) • Latest version of Chrome or Safari • Microsoft Office for Mac (2010 or higher) • Latest Flash Player • Latest Adobe PDF Reader

Android: Android latest version • Latest version of Chrome

iPhone & iPad: iOS latest version • Latest version of Chrome (*Students using an iPad or iPhone will need to upload documents from a Laptop, PC or have a Dropbox account)