OPEC College

Diploma to Degree Qualification Pathways with Macleay College


OPEC College has partnered with Macleay College to offer study pathways from Diploma to Degree for OPEC College graduates.  The Bachelor Degree qualifications offered within the Pathway include Business; Advertising and Media; and Digital Media.

Are you a current OPEC College student or member of our Alumni?

If you are currently working towards or have achieved one of several nominated OPEC College qualifications, the Pathway offered by Macleay College means that with some additional study, you can achieve a higher qualification. Importantly, you can achieve credit for some of the units you have already studied, allowing you to finish the degree qualification more quickly. The other key advantage is the completed degree will cost you significantly less than at other learning providers.

New to OPEC College?

If you are yet to sign up to OPEC College, it’s worth considering that a number of our qualifications can count as a credit towards a degree course with Macleay College. Macleay Colleges’ Bachelor of Business, Bachelor of Digital Media and Bachelor of Advertising and Media are directly aligned with several of our Diploma, Graduate Diploma and Advanced Diploma qualifications. Complete the OPEC College course first before embarking on the higher qualification with Macleay and secure a faster completion time as well as significant savings. 

How is this possible?

OPEC College and Macleay have conducted an extensive mapping exercise of each qualification and understand which areas are duplicated within each degree, enabling credit for certain units already completed and dollar savings for you.

Who is Macleay College?

Macleay College is an award-winning higher education provider with a 30-year pedigree, consistently achieving high rankings in Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching. It offers a hands-on and practical curriculum, with real world content to ensure graduates are job ready on completion. Lecturers are recognised industry professionals, delivering valuable knowledge within the classroom. 

Why achieve a higher qualification?

Higher qualifications are your ticket to being a more skilled candidate with better career choices in areas that are of most interest to you. Armed with your higher qualification, you have increased potential for promotion, higher rates of pay, and a more fulfilling career. Qualifications open doors.

Which OPEC College qualifications have a pathway with Macleay College?

Graduate Diploma:
  • Graduate Diploma of Strategic Leadership
  • Graduate Diploma of Management (Learning)
Advanced Diploma:
  • Advanced Diploma of Business
  • Advanced Diploma of Human Resource Management
  • Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management
  • Advanced Diploma of Marketing and Communication
  • Advanced Diploma of Program Management
  • Diploma of Business
  • Diploma of Human Resource Management
  • Diploma of Leadership and Management
  • Diploma of Marketing and Communication
  • Diploma of Project Management