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Transitioning with OPEC College

Transitioning from a Defence role and looking to get started in a new career? At OPEC College, our goal is to make your transition both simple and successful. 

We recognise that your former career provides you with a valuable and sought-after set of skills. The training and experience you have acquired in the Army, Navy or Air Force does really stack up over time. We also understand that your skillset is in demand by a variety of employers across industry, who are eager to use your specialist capabilities and training in their workplace. 

OPEC College can help to translate your experience by formally converting it into a nationally recognised qualification, opening new career pathways and helping you to get started in a new or related vocation.  

This process, known as Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), enables you to trade-up your experience into formal qualifications, ensuring you meet minimum recruitment requirements and can hit the ground running in a new role. RPL is a clever short cut that saves you learning about something you already know and provides a springboard to fulfil the requirements of a post Defence career. 

Our dedicated team of trainers and assessors are available to guide you through the RPL process, and offer a comprehensive assessment procedure, as well as teaching excellence should you need additional training to achieve your qualification. 

Ask us today how our RPL program can help you in your transition. 

Three Easy Steps

Step 1

Record of Service - Long

Obtain a Record of Service Long (also known as PMKeysfrom your Unit Clerk or business centre. This record contains important  information about your time in the servicesBest practice is to apply for one immediately, and if a significant amount of time lapses in the interim, seek an updated copy just prior to leaving. 

Step 2

Personnel File and PARS

Seek a copy of your personnel file and your two most recent performance management reports, as well as copies of any Special or Supplemental Performance Activity Reports (PARS) that demonstrate exceptional operational performance.

Step 3

Record of Attainment (ROA)

Obtain a copy of any Records of Attainment as well as any Course Reports to demonstrate aspects such as your specialist skills and leadership training. 

If you have already left Defence, these documents will be available through your service Central Records Office 

Career Transition Assistance Scheme (CTAS)

The Career Transition Assistance Scheme (CTAS) is run by the Australian Department of Defence to support Defence personnel as they prepare for a postDefence career. The program offers a variety of initiatives including: 

Defence staff must apply for the CTAS program, which is available twelve months prior to departure, and up to twelve months after your exit if you have not secured employment. 

Governance around access to CTAS is determined by your service length and your reasons for departure. We recommend you invest time thinking closely about your post defence career before completing a CTAS application, including potentially seeking out career guidance services. We also recommend you review the CTAS guidelines in detail (https://www.defence.gov.au/DCO/Transition/YourTransition/CTAS.asp  link here) before applying, and to approach the process with the understanding that approval is contingent upon alignment with your intended post defence career. 

Once you have performed your due diligence on CTAS and determined your career goals, speak to your ADF Transition Officer about applying for CTAS. 

Your Defence Transition Checklist


RSL Scholarships

The RSL recognises that education and training open doors to employment opportunities. RSL Australia, and its state based RSL counterparts, offer a variety of scholarships to ex-Defence members and their families.

Find out more about scholarship opportunities by visiting:

Find out more about scholarship opportunities by contacting us or visiting: RSL Queensland or RSL Australia
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Soldier On Scholarship

OPEC College is proud to have partnered with Soldier-On to offer scholarships to veterans and their families via the Soldier On Pathways Program to help accelerate their career. These fully-funded scholarships are offered periodically to help veterans upskill or retrain, and include qualifications ranging from Certificate III to Graduate Diploma within our many faculties.

Find out more about scholarship opportunities by visiting:

For more information about eligibility and the next round of scholarship opportunities, please contact us or [email protected]
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