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Corporate Training Packages

Do your employees require tailored training to help them better navigate the constantly evolving business environmentConsider OPEC College. 

Our highly experienced trainers can develop and deliver online Accredited training packagesenabling your staff members to achieve nationally recognised qualifications that have been independently validated to meet current industry requirements 

Rather than leaving the office to attend a training institution, our courses are delivered virtuallymeaning your team can remain in their workplace while they collectively learn. 

We also have the capacity to deliver face-to-face inhouse training, should your organisation prefer this model of learning 

Whether you have a need to upskill your team’s application of diversity and inclusion principles, improve their understanding of business practices or enhance their cyber security knowledge – and more – our professional training is an investment in the long-term health and efficiency of your business.  

With class sizes ranging from two to 200 people, our virtual and face-to-face training packages have application for all levels of government as well as the private sector.  

At OPEC College, we understand that no two organisations are the same. Whilst our training packages must comply with standardised Accreditation requirements, we will work with you to ensure that the training we deliver is appropriately targeted to the needs of your workplace and industry. 

Why Train Your Team

Employees who are well trained exhibit elevated morale, increased productivity and improved clarity around position requirements. Being highly trained also helps to facilitate skill transfer to other team members, resulting in a more functional, multi-skilled workplace. You also gain recognition as an employer of choice. It’s a win-win. 

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

At OPEC College, we appreciate that some employees may lack recognised qualifications but have highly developed skills and experience 

A key feature of the OPEC College experience is our ability to offer Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), where we convert people’s existing skills, knowledge and experience, gained through prior work or study, into formal competencies.  

The end result is the achievement of nationally recognised qualifications without your staff member having to lose time studying a subject they already know. 

The RPL process requires candidates to provide evidence of relevant knowledge and skills gained through previous work. If the process reveals a deficiency in an employee’s skill level, OPEC College can fill the gap by providing training in the relevant qualification. 

The OPEC College Difference

OPEC College is committed to providing a superior learning experience for your team.  


Our flexible learning programs are delivered to all team members using the latest online platforms. We can also offer flexibility in assessments to meet individual organisational needs.


Our training is delivered on a day and at a time that best suits your team.


Our training packages have been rigorously developed to comply with Accreditation requirements, and are designed to reflect current workplace best practice, whilst also meeting your identified workplace needs.

Highly experienced trainers

 Our talented training team use the very latest learning strategies to help ensure understanding, retention and application. They are skilled at working with people from different sectors and backgrounds, and with varying education levels, and have the capability to deliver learning that is engaging and understandable, whilst ensuring that no team member is left behind.

Forefront of industry

OPEC College is a division of OPEC Systems, an award-winning Australian company with established links in many industries, and it’s this aspect that enables us to offer training that is at the forefront of industry practice. We understand the demands and challenges of the modern workplace because we operate there too. We are also small enough to be nimble and can react quickly to accommodate an organisations changing circumstances. 

What our students say about OPEC College


Our Courses

OPEC College offers a range of corporate training packages in a diversity of areas including Auditing, Security and Cyber Security, Innovation, Marketing and Communications, Business, Human Resources, Customer Service, Administration, Diversity and Inclusion, Education Support and the Public Sector. 

These courses can be combined for additional streamlined learning, if required. 

You can view our corporate training packages here.

Should clients have training needs outside of our current course modules, OPEC College has the resources to develop bespoke courses that can be tailored to individual organisational requirements. 

Three Simple Steps to do Now

Step 1


Contact us for a complimentary initial consultation where we can explore your current workplace training needs, identify learning requirements and consider RPL options. 

Step 2


We review your requirements and identify the appropriate accredited qualifications and relevant training pathway for your team. 

Step 3

Ready to begin!

We present you with a tailored training package, for your consideration and approval. 

Reach out

Contact us at [email protected] or telephone 1300 99 OPEC to explore how our corporate training packages can help within your workplace.