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Meet Training and Compliance Manager, Vanessa Solomon 

We are really fortunate at OPEC College to have recruited some excellent team members, and the latest addition to our team is certainly no exception. 

Training and Compliance Manager, Vanessa Solomon, joined the team in July.  

What does a Training and Compliance Manager do? Well, in this newly created role, Vanessa has responsibility for all student interaction from enrolment to awarding of qualifications, as well as accountability for compliance. 

This is a considerable dual responsibility with over 40 qualifications now on scope, and as many as 350 students on the books at any one time. 
However, Vanessa is more than up for the challenge.  

“There is a synergy between maintaining compliance and training well, and having responsibility for both aspects actually makes me a better educator, which is really important,” she said. 
Vanessas job us to ensure that the training team consistently use best practice to deliver of education and assessments, and that the team supply a quality learning experience that exceeds expectations. 

With OPEC College in rapid growth mode, Vanessa will also undertake some hands-on teaching and RPL assessment responsibilities to ensure students are well supported. 
Vanessa’s overall work history has been largely anchored around education, with her expertise in teaching performing arts, as well as language, literacy and numeracy, featuring as cornerstones of her career.  
While much of Vanessas work will take place behind the scenes, she is also really happy that the role allows direct contact with students, as she is genuinely passionate about helping people to learn.   
“Provision of an education experience that is flexible and relevant is OPEC College’s point of difference from other RTO’s. When we see our students succeed in the workplace, we know we are doing our job well.” 
Vanessa is no stranger to OPEC College, having recently completed her Diploma of Quality Auditing.  

And as if life isn’t already busy enough, Vanessa is currently enrolled in her research Masters of Education, where she is specialising in career guidance. Her goal? To deepen her comprehension of vocational pathways, to better understand the purpose of training.  

Education certainly runs in the family for Vanessa, as her husband Mark is also a teacher. Mark teaches at a school in rural Queensland where he and Vanessa reside on campus with their three-year-old son Emmett. 



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