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Everything You Need To Know About SCOW Program: New Funding For Older Workers

The government recently announced a program to support older Australian workers by providing guidance and funding to upskill or transition into a new career.  

Many older Australians are worried about the future of their jobs, or hesitant to transition into a new career later in life. The Skills Checkpoint for Older Workers (SCOW) Program aims to make this time easier for eligible people aged between 45-70 and assist them in remaining or returning to work.  

The reality is that we are seeing a shift in the number of Australians aged over 65 who are remaining in the workforce. In 2016-17, 20% of Australians aged 45 and over intended to work until age 70, compared to just 8% in 2004–05.  

Despite this, older workers still experience difficulty remaining in or returning to work. The SCOW Funding program specifically targets older Australians currently employed who may be at risk of unemployment, or those recently unemployed who are not registered for assistance through an employment services program.  

It does so by offering advice and guidance, as well as the potential for part-funding of relevant training through RTOs. OPEC College is proud to take part in this program and offer support and fee subsidies on our courses.  

Find out more about the program below. 

Who is eligible? 

To be eligible for the program, you need to be: 

  • Aged between 45 and 70; and 
  • An Australian citizen or permanent resident; and 
  • Currently employed or unemployed for less than 9 continuous months and not registered for assistance through an Australian Government employment services provider. 

Keep in mind that the program is only available for a limited amount of time. It concludes on 30 June 2022 and places within the program are limited.  

What’s involved in the program? 

Eligible people will work with an advisor to develop a personalised Career Plan, with advice, guidance, and resources to identify career and skills options and avenues. The program will identify: 

  • Skills you can develop to get a new job or new career; 
  • Skills you could enhance to increase your ability to perform in your current role; 
  • Advice and recommendations about skills and training options. 

On top of this, people who meet the criteria may be eligible for course fee subsidies that match what you or your employer pay, up to a cap of $2,200. 

All of our courses are available with the SCOW Funding Program. Take a look at our range of online courses here.  

The application process differs between states, so contact us today to discuss your options. We can explore your SCOW funding eligibility before guiding you through the process.   



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