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The 5 Best Online Business Courses For Administrators

Business administration is a broad and variable field, with a range of business settings and industries that require the skills of a business administrator. They will be responsible for supporting a business or organisation with things like organisation, coordination, scheduling, office management, and records management. 

Administration can mean many different things though, depending on the workplace and the business setting, but there are certain skills that all good administrators should be equipped with. Everything from communication, time management, and organisational skills, to problem solving, customer service, planning, and resource management. As you can see, the tasks involved are broad and the skills required are versatile. This is why effective business administrators are so in demand. In fact, there is a projected job growth in the field of 9.9% over the next 5 years.  

If you’re looking to advance your career in business administration, or strengthen your CV for future success, the best place to start is to take a business administration course online. This can provide you with the quickest and most convenient path to receiving qualifications.  

But what are the best courses to take for business administration? Let’s take a look at 5 of the most beneficial online courses that you can undertake. 

  1. BSB20120 Certificate II in Workplace Skills 

This entry-level course is perfect for people who are yet to enter the workforce, or need to reskill for a career transition. It reflects the job of someone in a variety of Business Services roles, with a focus on procedural, clerical, administrative and operational tasks. The course will prepare people to enter or advance in these roles, giving them a great grounding in business administration.  

From communication skills, planning and applying time management, sustainable work practices, and  

contributing to the health and safety of self and others, the units of this course are aimed at preparing you to work in a range of business settings, giving you the confidence and knowledge to pursue the role of your choice.  

This course is available through study and Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). Talk to our team today to discuss the best option for you.  

  1. BSB30120 Certificate III in Business Administration 

The Certificate III in Business Administration is a great course for people who want to pursue a variety of Business Services roles, such as Accounts Clerk, Office Assistant, and Personal Assistant, with a focus on administration. Having this grounding in Business Administration and what it involves will set you up for success, and is a great addition to your resume.  

If you’re undertaking this course through study, some of the key units you’ll learn include applying critical thinking skills in a team environment, supporting personal wellbeing in the workplace, using inclusive work practices, assisting with maintaining workplace safety, and engaging in workplace communication. These skills will be invaluable for your career as a business administrator.  

This course is also available through RPL, so talk to our team today to discuss your best option.  

  1. BSB40120 Certificate IV in Business Administration 

The next level up from the Certificate III is the Certificate IV in Business Administration. This course is perfect for individuals who might have supervisory performance accountabilities in an administrative setting, such as Executive Personal Assistant, Office Administrator, Project Manager, Sales Account Assistant, and Sales Agent. 

These broad roles will benefit from the learnings of this course, from applying critical thinking, using digital technologies to collaborate, building and maintaining business relationships, and writing complex documents. Having these skills and this nationally recognised qualification will equip you for career success and allow you to advance in the field, no matter the industry you are working in.  

Talk to our team today about taking this business administration course online through study or RPL.  

  1. BSB50120 Diploma of Business Operations 

Business Operations skills are incredibly valuable to people in mid to high level administrative roles. They allow you to have greater understanding and knowledge of how businesses work and succeed, giving individuals more skills to support business efficiency and growth.  

The Diploma of Business Operations is perfect for people who may have frontline management accountabilities, such as roles like Executive Officer, Business Operations Manager, Operations Manager, Program Consultant, Retail and Hospitality Management, and Government Supervisor or Team Leader. 

Having these additional skills will be valuable to your resume and supporting career progression.  

Interested in adding Business Operations to your administrative skills? Talk to our team about undertaking this online course through study or RPL.  

  1. BSB50120 Diploma of Business Compliance 

Compliance in business settings is integral to success. There are plenty of rules and regulations around business compliance, for things like WHS, workplace systems, financial operations, and everything in between. The Diploma of Business Compliance equips administrators with key skills in managing and monitoring compliance, such as with business risk, quality audits, and general workplace compliance requirements. These advanced skills can help further your career as a Business Administrator. 

People pursuing this qualification may have frontline management accountabilities and a specialisation in compliance, such as Administration Manager, Executive Officer, Program Coordinator, and Program Consultant. The course is available through both study and RPL.  

Talk to us today about this course or any of our other courses, such as our online Business Management courses, by calling 1300 99 6732 or contacting us here.  



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