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The Benefits of Recognition Of Prior Learning

Are you considering a career change? Or do you want to advance your career? Did you know you can use the experience and skills you have gathered throughout your career and convert this into a qualification?  

Unlike studying for a qualification, RPL puts you ahead by recognising your existing skills in the field. You may want to gain this new qualification to boost your resume, your career trajectory, or to solidify your knowledge in the industry.  

Our five-step RPL process allows you to achieve nationally recognised qualifications without losing time studying something you already know. Regardless of your employment background, our team is here to streamline the process, providing support, clear communication, comprehensive assessment and training excellence. 

What is RPL? 

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is the process of using the skills and knowledge you’ve collected in your previous experiences and transferring them to current training course requirements. RPL means you can gain qualifications simply through providing evidence of the relevant knowledge and skills you have gained. If the RPL process reveals a deficiency in your skill level, you can simply fill the gaps by completing the necessary training units.  

Before you enrol in any training, you’ll need to get prepared by gathering all of the evidence to support your RPL. This could include current resumes, reference letters, and examples of work completed. This will then be assessed to see if you qualify for RPL. RPL has to be organised at the start of your training, apprenticeship or traineeship after you’ve enrolled with a registered training provider. 

Benefits of Recognition Of Prior Learning 

RPL comes with many benefits. It is the perfect pathway for people in the Defence and First Responder communities, but it can also cater to people who were formerly employed in the public or private sector. It can provide a great stepping stone for people who are looking to gain qualifications in order to progress their career or change their vocation pathway. 

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits: 

  • Makes use of your knowledge and experience 

As everyone progresses through their working life, they will amass a wealth of experience and knowledge. The best outcome is to be able to use these experiences to jump start your new career. This is why RPL is the perfect process for achieving your desired qualification and putting your skills into practice.  

  • You won’t waste time studying what you already know 

You can save yourself time by translating your existing skills into a qualification, rather than having to study the things that you already know. If the RPL process shows a deficiency in your skill level, don’t worry! We can also help by providing training in the relevant qualification.  

  • You’ll receive your qualification sooner 

By translating your experiences, you’ll be able to receive your qualification much sooner. Even if you are lacking in some areas and need to supplement it with training to complete your qualification, it will still be a much quicker process than completing an entire training course. This means you will be ready to kickstart your new career much sooner.  

  • You’ll receive a nationally recognised qualification 

Going through the RPL process doesn’t mean that your qualification will have any less authority. Your qualification will be nationally recognised so you can pursue your chosen career anywhere in Australia. It is also issued under the Australian Qualification Framework, which means that it is recognised by all other Registered Training Organisations, including TAFE Colleges. 

  • Work around your schedule  

Like many people, you may already be working in your chosen industry and are pursuing a qualification to advance your career. You are likely very busy, so gaining a qualification through RPL means that it won’t impact your work schedule. If you have to supplement it with some training to complete the qualification, you can also do this online at your own pace. 

Why Choose OPEC College? 

OPEC College is here to help you achieve every possible qualification you are entitled to with your previous experience. We are different to other RTOs because we are not just an RTO. OPEC College is a Division of OPEC Systems and OPEC Systems has very broad and deep links across business, industry and Defence in Australia. This means that our finger is on the pulse and we can advise you on current industry trends and opportunities.  

The aim of OPEC College is to help you to gain well-deserved qualifications, either through RPL where we formally recognise the knowledge and skills you already have, or through provision of additional training to achieve your qualifications. 

You can find out more about our Recognition of Prior Learning process and see our frequently asked questions here.  

If you have any questions and would like to speak to one of our friendly team, you can get in touch with us by calling 1300 99 6732 or emailing [email protected].  


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