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How long is a business course?

Have you been searching for the answer to ‘how long is a business course’? The truth is that the length of a business course depends on the course undertaken, along with the prior experience and skills you possess. At OPEC College, we offer a wide range of business courses to assist those looking to advance their qualifications.

So, just how long is a business course? Read on to find out more!

Business management courses we offer
OPEC College currently offers several courses related to business management. The qualifications range from Certificate II’s through to Advanced Diplomas. Each course focuses on a slightly different area, and is applicable to different levels of skill and experience. Our business courses  include:

View our Business Qualifications page to learn more about what each of the courses entail.

How long is a business management course?
The length of a business course depends upon factors such as a student’s previous skills, plus the course chosen. For example, our Certificate III in Business can take anywhere from 12 to 24 months, depending on the amount of time you can dedicate each week. Conversely, we also offer an Advanced Diploma of Business, which is an RPL only course.  The time it takes to complete depends upon the pace at which you submit your RPL evidence. While this is an RPL only course, students will receive support from OPEC College evidence gathering process.

The answer to ‘how long is a business course’ depends on which course you are interested in. If you choose an RPL process, you complete the course by submitting your evidence, meaning the qualification can be completed as quickly or slowly as you submit it. The process for acknowledging RPL can be completed in as little as a week, however, it typically takes between two weeks and a month. Alternatively, our Certificate IV in Business (Administration) has assessments, and takes 12 to 24 months to complete, depending on the student and circumstances. Even our courses that have assessments and units can be completed at your own pace (within reason).

What is RPL?
RPL stands for Recognition of Prior Learning and refers to the relevant skills and knowledge a student possesses. This can be through work or previous study, and is applied to the qualification you are enrolled in. The RPL is converted into formal competencies, to reduce the number of units you need to complete to qualify for your certification. At OPEC College, this RPL is applied through a simple five-step process. This process is as follows:

  1. Free assessment – Fill in the pre-assessment form provided. We then provide guidance about the next steps you can take to achieve your career goals.
  2. Evidence portfolio – We will help you to gather evidence to prove your skills and knowledge. This evidence can include a current resume, reference letters, or examples of work you have completed. Once collated, this evidence can be submitted online to be reviewed by our assessors.
  3. Evidence review – After your evidence portfolio has been assessed, we will contact you for a competency conversation. We may also require a practical observation.
  4. Training – Complete the required units to fill in any gaps in your prior learning. Our online training courses allow students to achieve greater qualifications, and our trainers are available every step of the way to assist you with queries.
  5. Qualified – Once your course has been successfully completed through the combination of finished units and RPL, you will possess a nationally recognised qualification. You can then use the qualification to pursue your chosen career and achieve the goals you’ve been striving for.

Why OPEC College?
So, why study through OPEC College? OPEC College was established as a subsidiary of the award-winning OPEC Systems in 2019. We focus on the importance of RPL and recognising a student’s previous skills and knowledge. OPEC College aims to provide assistance for both public and private sector employees, including former First Responder and Defence personnel. We work across several key faculties, and our aim is to help skilled and experienced people to gain well-deserved qualifications for their industry.


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How long is a business course?

Have you been searching for the answer to ‘how long is a business course’? The truth is that the length of a business course depends