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Benefits Of A Certificate III In Business Administration (Previously BSB30415)

Business administration requires a varied and versatile set of skills. This is why there is high demand for the expertise across a broad range of industries. Pursuing a career in business administration provides plenty of opportunities at every level, from local, regional, national, and multinational companies. 

Advancing your knowledge and skills with a business administration course will positively impact your career opportunities as well as your personal life. Our Business Administration course, which some may know from it’s previous course number BSB30415, prepares people for carrying out a range of procedural, clerical, administrative or operational tasks that require both strong technology and business skills.  

The practical experience you receive will get you ready for taking the next steps in your career and will give you an edge in the employment process.  

Does the Certificate III in Business (Administration) (previously coded BSB30415) sound like the right course for you? Let’s look at some of the benefits you’ll find taking this course.  

Potential for higher positions 

Upskilling and developing your skills in business administration will prepare you for going for higher positions with more responsibility. Not only will the course give you the practical skills to do this but it will also show current or future employers that you are dedicated to the role.  

Business processes are constantly evolving, so it’s beneficial for people currently in business administration to also upskill and develop their understanding of the role. This can lead to improvements of how they carry out their job and cause a flow-on effect to business processes in general. 

Develops financial skills 

As part of a business administration course, you’ll learn finance skills that will allow you to confidently make financial and management decisions. These skills benefit not only the business you are in, but also your own personal life. Financial skills are important for anyone in any career, as all businesses have financial needs. 

In our Certificate III, you can develop your financial skills with course units like collecting and recording data and maintaining business records. Getting an understanding of business math and financial processes is integral to a good business course. These real-world skills have limitless uses on the job and when it comes to managing your own money. 

Develops versatile skills 

Business administration courses equip you with a broad range of skills, from delivering and monitoring a service to customers to preparing office documents. These versatile skills give you increased productivity and efficiency in a business setting, and prepare you for effective multitasking. Being able to jump between a range of tasks and be flexible is a valuable skill to have in any business setting.  

Being organised is also an important skill to learn, as it will benefit not only your own work but that of an entire team or business. These skills will set you in good stead for a variety of roles in business administration, from a receptionist to a junior personal assistant or clerk.  

Learn modern management tools and techniques  

Keeping up to date with the latest technologies and techniques is particularly important for people in business settings. To be successful, businesses need to continually improve processes and systems to stay ahead of the competition.  

As the demands in a business administration role continue to evolve, pursuing training ensures that you are learning the latest industry tools and trends. 

Provides a multitude of career options 

Our business administration course gives you a strong grounding and sets you up for many career options. The skills you learn will help you when entering a new role, changing career direction, improving your own business, or upskilling in your current position.  

The opportunities you’ll have with a nationally recognised certification under your belt are extensive. Some of the possible job outcomes from taking our administration course include Accounts Clerk, Accounts Payable Clerk, General Clerk, Junior Personal Assistant, Receptionist, and Word Processor.  

These roles are always in demand, no matter where you are in the country or what kind of industry you are interested in entering. Not only will it broaden your career horizons, but taking this course will give you an employment edge when going for new roles.  

Why OPEC College? 

So you may be considering a business administration course, but why should you study it with us?  

Our organisation and all of our trainers work hand in glove at the forefront of industry. This gives us the ability to develop training packages that mirror best practices and current trends. Our sharp industry focus and support for all of our students gives graduates the best possible outcomes, on top of a nationally recognised certification from an award winning training organisation. 

We hope this article has given you more information about how you will benefit from taking our business administration course (which some may know by the old course number BSB30415), or any of the other BSB30120 Business Courses we offer. 

If you have any more questions or would like to enquire about enrolling, get in touch with our friendly team here.  


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